Friday, 21 April 2017


yesterday barcelona played juventus at the nou camp and hoped that they could do the same as they did against PSG . the trouble was that they came against a very good defensive and very organised and disciplined who executed the plan very correctly but more worriedly luis enrique tactics were just ordinary . for me barca's attack were just one dimensional and lacked any incision . most importantly i felt that barca this year has moved from the barca that had been playing till recently and the trouble had been that barca hadnt been able to mix things . the most important facet had been that most of the teams everywhere had learned to cope with the intense pressing and had prepared themselves well in one on one situations as well as passing the ball crisply to get out of the press and get themselves time on the ball . 
barca started the game with their all capturing 4-3-3 formation but the change from this formation had been that messi who was playing right had moved into right  central position and rakitic who is central moves to the right or even you can say that rakitic was on the right while messi was on the left would be central . while juventus started with the same formation and the same players with 4-2-3-1 formation with dybala trying to drop on busquestus .
the thing is that on which ever side messi is on the opposition likes to have that many players on that side trying to stop messi because stopping messi by a single player is nearly impossible he is that good . when barcaleno won the ucl at that time barca were playing totally different first off . messi was playing wide on the right and that was creating space for others because the opposition was getting stretched over and the opposition was in two minds whether messi was coming inside or staying wide . the biggest benefator with that move was neymar who had a very good year and who was at the end of several messi's balls . the trouble this season had been that messi may not had wanted to stay wide or that enrique wanted to do things different . the second thing about which barcelona had been known for had been their tiki taka ( one touch passing ) but this season it had been very different . we can say that it had been different from 2 seasons before but then when you are winning nobody questions you but when you loose at that time everybody starts to question you .
juventus had a 3-0 lead from the first leg .so they were going to just sit back and hit on the counter . juventus played the same formation that they had used in the first leg and were confident of playing the same football . busquestus returned into the side in place of mascherano and alaba in place of mathieu so they provide better movement of the ball and mobility . juventus tried to mark busquestus with dybala but busquestus is good a player and can deal with that . now barcelona's attack play is concentrated around two players and the system had been changed and these two players sharing  the ball and starting the offense and one of these two players drop deep to help move the ball upfield in a bid to stretch the defense and create the space between the lines so that it can be exploited . juve were not going to buy this .they were ready from the first leg itself  where they were sitting deep and compact and deal with the pressure . barca plan was so poor and more so that they didnt just had a plan b . even though luis enrique changes the personal but still he kept the same shape for the last 15 minutes he sent pique but untill that the game had gone out of hands and most importantly barcelona were  happy shooting beyond the box rather than trying to work it inside the box or trying some low crosses to suarez who could be at the end of it . 
there were two important things in the match that were notable first off whenever barca could put together more that three passess together they were able to create problem for juve and had a shot at goal . at the same time when one of their star players just wanted to driblle the ball and take on the defense themselves they were stopped in the tracks .  barca's offense as i had said is based around two players messi and neymar . messi had dropped deep and his role was a little bit restricted with players like iniesta and rakitic told to run beyond him and that messi should try to find them with the pass . juventus were going to play compact and the job by their two lines defense was very excellent . whenever the first lines goes to press the second lines comes up compress him and help the first line and stop the attack . the trouble with barca was that they were not able to bring suarez that much into the game . first off they were not able to feed him with balls and secondly they were not able to play through him . messi playing central was boon in disguise for juventus rather than for barcelona  . neymar who wrecked munier of PSG in the second leg just couldnt had the same joy against dani alves . the thing was not that he couldnt beat alves but that alves was perfectly helped by the players around him so that even if he beats alves they were ready to close down neymar so that he cannot cause problems . barcelona were just on dimensional in their offense . they had all the width but the trouble is that they were not able to bring the ball inside but then credit does has to go to juventus who prevented . 
as i had applauded juventus midfielders for the great hard work they had done in the earlier post i think in this post both bonucci and chilleni deserve the applause as they had been rock solid and supported their midfield very nicely by stepping at the right time and closing down players . their timing sense and their positional sense was just superb . even though juve sat back and played on the counter they were team who were more threatning and passed the ball better and had better chances than barcelona . this game too showed that luis enrique wasnt tactically that fluid as he should had been and should had asked more of the team .