Monday, 10 April 2017


on saturday two big matches were there . but first off let me talk about thomas touches i mean there wouldnt had been more easy win for munich than this one against dortmund . even if the score line is not that big but the way munich dominated the game but most importantly how bad and hopeless dortmund were . the players didnt had the clues as to what they had to do when they have the ball . the defense was abysmal . the formation had no sense plus there was general confusion amongst players about their roles but last and the most important one was touchel having no clue about the game and him making no improvisation and give his players any tips which are very important . how come touchel be linked to a big job when his team is playing one of the worst football . he has one of the best young team in the world with so many good playes and he should be relishing the chance to manage such players instead he is wasting each and every player in that team . he may claim that dembele had been very good for him and abumeyang had been scoring goals but questions are still about the way team plays not about the players . we all know they are good . i simply dont see touchel in dortmund dugout next season. if there is one statistics that needs to be introduced when football statistics are done is the time on ball spent by the player and the touches that he made during that . cant they understand the game and its little things . how come touchel be silent and not ask the players not to spent time on the ball and start playing crisp put some passes together . to be honest touchel has downed his reputation with this game . every  coach wants to play big games just so that they can show their tactical awareness plus how they had build the team and its discipline but touchel had nothing to show yesterday he wasnt helping any players as to what they need to do . i think i need to tell one little incident over here . once few of my friends were playing a chess competition and one of the friends was playing a very high rated chess player and it was in 4th or 5th where on you start to wear out because people may not realise but chess takes a very hard mental and  physical toll on your body . so after the game was finished my friend and the others with the opponent were speaking and analysing the game my friend said that after 10 or 15 moves he was getting confused as to on which side he was playing . i think touchel was experiencing that yesterday he was hopeless .
bayern started the game with their 4-2-1-3 formation with thiago as the no.10 with ribery and robben on wings . while dortmund started with 3-5-2 formation with abumeyang with dembele . the trouble with dortmund is that every players that has the ball tries to a diego maradona or messi and goes on dribbling ball and beating each and every one and ultimately losing the possession . if it had been an english game then they would had called it a man vs boys match and you can guess the teams . how can i write about the tactics when the opposition is just not offering anything .dortmund start to play a high line but keep on dropping as soon as the ball is brought upfield . even the closing down is half hearted because they just go and stand in front of the player and make no effort to close him down . there is no cohesion is their team either in offense or defense for which good coaches are known and touchel is none of that . this was a masterclass as to how a game must be played by every munich player . 
the earlier game that was played was a madrid derby . madrid started with their 4-3-3 system while ath mad started with famous 4-4-2 or 4-6-0 formation . we all know as to how ath mad like to play they like to play with deep back line and then trying to play on the counter . i think simoene believes and his game plan is to win game in the second half more than the first half and there is a reason to what which i will try to explain . first off ath mad like to play very deep back line . they try to press when the ball is in opposition's half but as soon as the ball is bought beyond half line they drop deep . the reason being that they dont want to give space behind the back four or stretch the opposition who themselves gets stretched in process . now when you play deep line you ultimately concede afair amount of territory to the opponent so you now he just has to breach your back line or just use the back line as a wall and take the shot . plus real madrid have the best headers off the ball in the world with ronaldo and bale so they dont have to work to bring the ball inside . instead they can just cross the ball which is double headache for the opposition because they will be kept guessing as to whether they are just bringing the ball in or crossing . in the first half madrid had the chance because they had the energy to close ath down and stop their counters and hit them again quickly . the energy levels are very good in the first half and i think that they should had taken their chances in the first half but ath survived that and they knew that they have a chance in the second half . the one thing with zidane is that he wants ronaldo more over the ball to attract the defense towards him and create space for others . i think from the start zidane had made the attempt to make ronaldo more involved into the offense and take responsibility in the game on offense . 
in the second half the energy level drop and the closing down is not that quick so ath mad can just the pass the ball better and with simeone who is good at making tactical changes brought correa as the no.10 and sent griezman upfront which created chance for madrid . it was alike a ufc match where on the first round went to real madrid while the second round was for ath mad and that is why it was a draw .