Wednesday, 26 April 2017


now since the el classico had happened everybody is sold to this one pic of messi celebrating winning goal and showing that barcelona t-shirt to the crowd and showing his allegiance to the world . but i have one question is classico about one moment or is it about the quality of football for over 90 min of pure football . to be honest if the former classico's have helped shaped the order of world football then i would say that this classico had been a disappoint for me in terms of the football played . there are several questions that need to answered and one of them is whether zidane is fit enough to continue his carrier as real madrid coach . as i had said that you prove yourself when you play against the best . barcelona even though they had lost against juventus but still are one of the best . for me zidane even though he is in the ucl semi's but his team had never looked convincing . barcelona's tiki taka football and its high pressing and the type of the football that they played which changed the world football landscape was because they could implement against teams like real madrid and other big teams . 
coming to the game now . real madrid started the game with their usual 4-3-3 formation with bale starting the tie . while barcelona started the game with their 4-3-3 formation but to be honest it was 4-4-2 formation with rakitic being the right sided midfielder with messi being the natural number 10 . there some individual battle with modric trying to mark iniesta ,kross on busquestus and casmeiro on messi . i dont know about zidan but didnt he try to watch the juventus game and how they tried to deal with messi and how they kept barca at bay and how they worked with each other to stop barca . football is played by individual's but its a team game and it's take a team effort to score or defend . the other thing had been how prajnic and khedira defended against messi they never tried to disposses and try to double or triple on him . you cannot mark messi singularly . he is too good . as i had said that while doing defense you had to be patient . you are to be like a tiger  waiting to pounce on prey but you for that you have to create the situation and be patient . i think a better one on one practise with casmeiro were needed and better team support .
the game started with real madrid sitting back and trying to hit barca on the counter while barca tried to congest real's play by playing a very high line but kept dropping as the ball was bought forward . in the past barcelona were known for their very intense pressing but as the time has passed the opposition had got better and barcelona players had got old and are not able to play that intense pressing game so even though barca were playing a very high line the pressing was just minimal . even though barca were playing a very high line real were not able to take advantage of that and were not able to release either of the front three behind the back four . the real reason as to why i didnt liked it as a elclassico is because there was no amount of discipline in the game . first off carvajal had the acres of space to move forward just because alcacer who was playing on that side wasnt following him and trying to mark him so carvajal was having a good amount of time and space on the ball .the trouble had been that real didnt a number 10 who would pull the strings . real were able to work the ball quite high near barca's box but were confined to shot from distance and secondly crosses from wide areas but didnt worked enough to bring the ball inside . real's front three were not on the same page bale was clearly off color . when bale went injured assesio was played . to be honest assensio for me is still young and developing he too wasnt that disciplined on the defense and was letting alaba scott free and that created a problem for real madrid . real's front three were never in sync with each other and ronaldo is clearly a selfish player who at times can pass the ball but keeps on shooting the ball rather than passing the ball . secondly when you are playing in the front line people expect you to handle the ball better and have some threat when you are ronaldo instead ronaldo keeps passing the ball back and tries at the end of chances created by others . he is good header and good finisher but at time you are supposed to create and involved in the offense.
even though messi was hero of the game was he the deciding the factor because in the last game against juventus he was trying to pick up players in forward position and here he was trying to take on the whole real defense and that was the only change that was made by enrique. did the game moved around messi i dont think so . for me he saw very less of the ball from which he should see and that the play should revolve around him  .
the trouble with real had been that all the players were playing like individuals and doing their individual jobs instead of playing like a team helping each other that is why there was spaces between the middle line and the back line and the back line and they were never ever in tandem with each other . look at juventus there back line worked in tandem with the middle line stepping up dropping back and helping each other to defend . was the game great no i dont think because of the way the team defended and the lack of concentration and decision making and the lack of manager's changes in the game the didnt provide a great entertainment .