Saturday, 13 May 2017


now on tuesday monaco played juventus in the second leg of the ucl . monaco were outplayed in the first leg so it was upto the monaco coach to find some way to counter against juventus . so what do you do when you cannot think of anything well you just copy your opponent and try to play the same way as they play but then there is the difference in the application and the way you execute it . i had said that it time and time that a good coach takes into consideration the players at his disposal and base their tactics around it . monaco tried to match fire with fire but got their hands burned . second thing was that in this game many of the players were playing in the audition and their individual performances were going to evaluated and some just made themselves shine while some need polishing and need to upgrade their game as per the situation and polish themselves more .
 juvnetus had started with their usual 3-5-2 formation and compared to conte's 3-5-2 this one looks very good and  most importantly they seem to know their roles and are able to control the tempo of the game better than the juventus under conte . monaco were outplayed in the first leg when they played 4-4-2 and jardin wasnt able to find the answer so he just copied the system . the reason why he copied he system was that in the first leg the juvnetus fullbacks were getting too much amount of space and they were the reason why jardin wanted somebody to stop them having time and space on the ball . the reason why juvnetus fullbacks were having space and time on the ball is because both lamar and silva has this tendency to move inside the park . there is a reason for that because when you congest the play you can press better but the trouble was that one of the juvnetus fullback didnt had a opposite number to mark and juventus could pass the ball to him and he would had too much of space to dart forward  . the trouble with monaco is that both not both lamar and silva want to track the fullbacks . the most important thing is the application . 
the most notable thing is that while juvnetus centrebacks came out of the defense to press the monaco centre forwards .monaco's centrebacks were not ready to come out of their postions and close down juventus forwards . now the principle of pressing is that you press the first pass and carry on till the danger is averted or you recover possession while reverse of that is when you are pressed is that you try to find a player who has time and space on the ball . the other thing good about juventus is their ability to play out from the back when their midfielders are pressed just look their back three's ability to pick out player from the front line with a pin point pass and it when you can do that you can just turn the defense into attack in an instant . juventus had many weapons first off they were playing on counter at which they are very good . secondly against barca manzukic who was playing as a wide player started as a proper centre forward and this was because compare juventus centre forwards manzukic and higuain's aerial ability and that to monaco's centre backs abilities . allegri must had thought that he definitely had a chance there . the trouble with monaco in the first leg was that their midfield wasnt able to support them properly as they had been against man city . the midfield i think was cautioned by the jardin to not move up the field very quickly and leave the space between them and the back four .
juventus when they loose the ball they just get numbers behind the ball very quickly . plus i had said that previously that they are drilled very nicely to when to step up or hold the shape but their man facet is that their defenders are coming trumps in one on one battles . in the second leg jardin decided to play juventus formation but the trouble is that monaco are not drilled to play beautiful football but instead they are dependent on individual abilities to get better in one on one battle and create things for others . first off when monaco had the ball they just didnt transferred the ball from back to front very quicly and both silva and lamar spend time on the ball and does allow juventus to get players behind the ball and when they do that they will just stop you . if you had seen both the tie's  monaco had the chances when they were able to get mbappe on the ball very quickly and he was able to run on the defense . in the first half he terrorised bonucci . jardin had sensed that and in the second leg even though he played both mbappe and falcao. he positioned mbappe wide so that he would come up against brazagli who is not that good compared to bonucci or chilleni . he wanted mbappe to run on brazagli and try to beat him and create chances for falcao but the trouble with monaco was that silva who was placed behind these two didnt had any joy on the ball . first off juventus didnt allowed him time on the ball and most of all the juventus just got the better of him . most importantly i think silva was poor and he should had understood that juventus players were under instructions to close him down quickly  so he should had played quick one two's and released the ball  early and should had kept the tempo of  the game fast. same can be said about moutiniho . i think this is where jardin didnt prepared very well . just as you have a tailored defense you should try to have a tailed offense and that why you have the training sessions . jardin should had just trained them well which allegri did .