Friday, 7 July 2017


now this is the last match of the season that i am writing . germany played chile in the finals and even the though the game was exciting in terms of the spectator but in terms of a analyst it was not . i will take into account both the games between these teams in the tournament . before i write about the game i want to say something . if somebody had read my blog carefully then they might had noticed that i give equal importance to observation . let me explain coaches are there are on the sidelines just so that they can observe the game and pass the inputs to players on what they are not doing or where they can explore the opposition and who should take the position where and try to explore which zone and try to carve an opening out of it  . certain coaches do like to sit in the stand so that they can have a bird eye's view of the game and they pass their instructions to their assistants who conveys to the players . i think its a very good move since in many other games like the american football the offensive and the defensive coaches sit up high in the box so that they can have a birds eye view of the game and from there they can have a better reading of the game and can take necessary changes in the game plan . the reason for me write this is because i had been disappointed with the chile coach because when you are on the offense then at that time its is up to you as to how you try to open the opposition . for that you have to take into consideration all the various factors . i once read zlatan praising about jose mouriniho because he had such a good report card about the opposition team and its players that he could plan his tactics according to it . the reason why i am writing this whole para is that there were chances for chile to exploit germany or you can say there were spaces in the german defense that chile should had exploited and made the game more interesting .
chile started the game with their usual 4-3-3 formation with vidal given the free . while germany started the game with 3-6-1 formation with werner retaining his place in the team . the game started the with the usual plot with germany sitting back and chile controlling the tempo of the game . germany were prepared for this that is why they played 3 at the back and whenever they lost the ball the three centre backs would get very narrow and just sit in front of the 18 yard box and defend . i had already written in the previous post that germany like to play out from the back so as to allow the opposition to come and close them down . this would create space and if the ball is moved crisp and properly then you can take advantage of it and punish the opposition just as they did it in the S/F against brazil in the 2014 world cup . timo werner was in the team because of his pace and his ability to make runs . stindl and draxler would join him on the offense and move inside to complement him . chile having moving there fullbacks high up the pitch since they are very mobile and also that germany had kimmich and hector as the fullbacks who would tuck along side the back three so make it a back five so chile's fullbacks could move high up the pitch because germany afforded them the space by playing the formation .
germany like to move the ball from the back but i had said that in the earlier post that they dont have players who can play crisp football plus compared to chilean footballers they are not that comfortable on the ball . rudiger is being linked with a move to chelsea but for me he still looks a little too shaky on the ball and when pressed can make mistakes . even though chile were playing the high line and pressing but when germany could escape that press and move the ball chile would try to cave up and but as much time as they can in a move to get players behind the ball and defend . the game was going with pretty much the same story line untill diaz tried to spend time on the ball and got himself caught on the ball and let the advantage to germany . 
now the why did i write the first para was that germany had the 3-4-3 formation . the reason for writing the first para was that the coaches observe the opposition and try to find out the weakness in the team . they try to find out the weakness in the opposition flank and try to exploit it . first off germany germany were playing on the counter attack but they had to make sure that wener was matched against a guy who he can have some advantage . so werner was moved to the right against medel so that he can have the pace advantage against medel .
chile were controlling the tempo and were bringing the ball from back to front very quickly and were in a hurry to score and i think it was correct since germany were getting players behind the ball very quickly . now this where i think the chile coach should had improvised . first off germany had three in the middle rudy,groetzka and draxler . first off he should had studied as to which centre back was the weakest in the german back three and if he had seen the games then he would had fined that rudiger was the weakest link in the back three compared to the other two . rudiger had no joy against chicharito in the mexico game and had hernandez been smart he would had exploited it  . secondly lowe must had instructed his back three not to come out of their positions and stay compact and maintain there position .  so first thing that the chile coach should had noticed was that there was space between the lines where all the players sanchez,vidal and vargas were getting the time and space on the ball . although they were getting closed down very quickly but they were getting the time where on they were getting the first touch easily and could pass had they had a well orchestrated move . chile should had exploited this space but sadly they dont .
another fault over the course of two games had been with sanchez . first off whoever plays football ( good players ,important ones ) they know that the opposition tries to keep them in leash and make life difficult for them . but at the same time it help to create space for the others . just look at messi when he was on the right it created space for neymar and he had his best season and barcelona won it all . sanchez should had just taken a leaf out of that book and the coach should had instructed to play him that way  . he should had just kept the game flowing instead of trying to create things himself . he should had been just a simple piece in the puzzle and produce the special thing when he would had been given the time and space on the ball .
the goal by germany was like a bullet for chile and it was just an uphill task which they found very difficult . they should had just kept th cool and just played the normal game but the coach went too early in the changes and germany just sat back and soaked up the pressure and just countered when they had the chance and some chances should had been converted . the one thing that chile coach needs to ask is whethere they  can continue playing with this same one tempo football or can they play better and make the necessary changes in the game .