Saturday, 19 August 2017


napoli played nice in the ucl qualification at home and it can  be said that this was one of the best performance of napoli . last year i wanted to analyse napoli but wasnt able to do . the italian league wasnt at its best in the last two years with one team dominating the scene . napoli's coach Maurizio Sarri must one of the sort after figure in the world figure with his team playing very good attractive ,disciplined and proper football . this performance might just evoke memories of ariggo sacchi's milan who i suppose were playing  the same brand of football . the reason why i didnt said barcelona even though some may just try to  link it up with that . barcelona have the best players in the world and if you take out messi out of the equation then i think barca would just struggle .fine now the thing is that for the last year or so i had said that the coach role on the sidelines is very important and he is the one who is the sole authority in terms of taking final decision as well as having a hawk eye view of the game and have make the necessary adjustment during the game . another thing is that there are special players in the team but the thing is that for that special player to perform the other player in the team too have too contribute and perform very well or else the opposition can just stop the special one and stop the entire team . the reason good players can perform is because the other players in the team all chip in and perform as well . barcelona did well when messi had his burden removed by neymar and suarez and they too created a threat which created space for messi and vice versa it helped messi too my point is that whole of the team needs to perform not only on defense byt also on offense to really open up opposition defense at will or else you get stalled like nice . 
well napoli started the game with 4-3-3 system with mertens playing as the striker while insigne and callejon were alongside him . while nice started with 3-5-2 system . napoli from the first go started to dominate the game . they played crisp one touch football and played a high line and harrased nice on the ball to concede possession . the warning signs were early from the start with mertens trying to drop in the hole with either of the nice centre backs not tracking him . he was able link very well with players around him and cause problems to nice back line . 
nice had three at the back and one of them is dante who was playing in the middle of the three . he is supposed to calling all the shots when defense is concerned but he was the one who had a loss of concentration and very poor game reading which cost his team . nice back three had to track just mertens but failed to do so . both the teams had three in the middle so one of the napoli's front three would drop in the middle to have time and space on the ball also relive the pressure on the midfield . secondly if he was to tracked by the opposition centre back or wing back that creates space for mertens to have a diagonal run . for napoli the objective was simple insigne drops in the midfield and try to release mertens and callejon behind the back three . the other thing that helped napoli was that in the first half nice were trying to play a high line that created a space for metens and callejon where on they could be at the end of insigne's pass . other than that napoli just played a perfect game they passed crisp and played lovely one touch football .
while napoli were playing very good attractive football . nice were playing the opposite . nice had problems with moving the ball . they spending time on the ball and the problem was that for distribution they were heavily dependent on one player and that was their no. 6 seri . nice had 3 in the middle and what was the use of the other two . just to be alongside of seri and make numbers . nice had a good player in saint maxim who can drive the ball and draw players towards him but the others need to perform . the big question is why do we have players in the midfield . seri must be trusted coach's player but he needs support from players around him and most importantly i had said all along that the cohesion in the team and players working for each other is very much important . napoli had these qualities while nice just lacked them . the reason why nice lacked was because of over dependence on certain players while literally neglecting others in favour of others . there was lack of cohesion between the front players and between the all the three lines . i had said that earlier also that time spent on the ball allows the opposition to regroup as well as close you down which in turn stalls your offense . nice just allowed napoli to close them down and certain players in the team spent too much time on the ball than required . i hope when the coach see's the tape of these game then he should definitely at how he was not able to bring Pierre Lees-Melou and Vincent Koziello into the game  . Koziello's red card was because of seri stupidity .
just as napoli were good nice were hopeless and i hope that in the reverse fixture their coach makes the necessary changes and give us a good game since the tie is not over yet .