Tuesday, 22 August 2017


yesterday chelsea played spurs at  wembly the new home of the spurs . chelsea were without several key players while some new one came into the team . on the other hand spurs had the same linup from last year . chelsea devised a formation to accomodate new signing bakayoko . christensen started for chelsea which meant that luiz was promoted to play in the middle three with kante and bakiyoko. both the team started to have three at the back while chelsea played 4-3-3 but dier's position was such that he used to drop on the right side of Alderweireld to give width to the defense and add one more body at the back . he was transitioning between midfield and defense as required . chelsea and spurs had both 3 in the middle of the park and each were trying to cancel out each other . kante was against dembele while dier was against bakiyoko . luiz and wanyama were trying to cover these two . both the teams didnt want to give anybody in the middle of the park and tried to make it compact . 
the started with chelsea sitting back and hitting spurs on the counter . chelsea had the first chance of the game with azipilicueta crossing a very good ball for moratta who fluffed the chance . both the teams wanted to have their fullbacks high up the pitch to give width to the offense . while chelsea's fullbacks like to cut inside and make a run into to the box. spurs fullbacks like to remain wide . to match chelsea's formation dier would shuttle between midfield and defense . spurs started to find foothold into the game after 10 min when they realised the chelsea back three or atleast the two rudiger and christensen dont like to come out of the defense to close down kane . so kane started to find space between the lines and spurs started to have ball in the final third . the trouble with spurs is that the front three are not in tandem with each other . both teams played a very deep line and didnt want to have space to run behind the back  three . spurs started to get ball in the final third but the trouble with spurs are on several counts . first off spurs are not able to bring ball from wide areas and had to content with crossing the ball . chelsea had very narrow three at the back so as to not have any space for kane to get at the end of the cross . secondly the front three dont seems to have in cohesion in them . now let me tell you but it is said that the strikers hunts in packs and here the front three didnt seem to be in tandem with each other and that had been the problem for them even last season in big games .
chelsea didnt had their influential pair in form of costa and hazard so they had to start with new signing moratta and willian playing up front the two will take time to gel and play off each other if chelsea or conte is going to play them together in the near future . chelsea were sitting were trying to hit on the counter attack but they didnt get enough service to moratta . the trouble with playing with willian is that at times he will try to over do things . you never know when he is going to cross and when he is going to run with the ball .spurs threat of the front three especially of kane who was getting the better of rudigen and christensen made chelsea to play with a back five and were pinned back by spurs for the majority of the game . they took their chances when they had one .
the game was decided by one silly mistake . chelsea's first goal was beauty by alonso but then the responsibility has to taken by lloris . he should had sorted out his position and should had known alonso's favourite side . but the main culprit in that game was wanyama first off he is playing in front of the back three and the fullbacks are high off the pitch and he cannot be wasting time over the ball and should just try to get it rolling . there is first rule in football that it is criminal to dribble inside your own half because if you losse possession you are letting the opposition a sight of goal . how many time in the game did wanyama lost the possession and put his side in trouble . i really dont know as to why did he though that he could just dribble out of his way out and could problems because to opposition because chelsea had atleast a wall in front of him and it stupidity to dribble like that when your fullbacks are high up the pitch and the centre backs are not in their natural position . for me wanyama and lloris lost the game for spurs which they should had drawn because of barshuiyi's own goal . chelsea had bought rudiger but his lack of pace and the easy that kane could turn on him must had made conte worried .