Friday, 20 October 2017


chelsea played roma on wednesday night . over the years chelsea had tried to sign managers whom they want to play flowing and pressing football . last year chelsea just wanted to win something because in the last two years the club had not won anything . another thing was that last year nobody noticed chelsea's style of play because last year they were down and suddenly they blitzed everyone to win the title . another thing that i dont understand is this before the game dzeko was criticized for not running much in the game and in this game he just wanted to move but why do players and coaches take the tv pundit's and journalists criticism in consideration . they might had played the game but then playing the game and managing the team and making tactics are two different things .they should never ever try to listen to this criticism unless it is making sense which on numerous occasion doesnt makes any sense for me because they just focus on current things rather than taking into consideration the overall picture . 
chelsea started the 5-3-2 formation . while roma started with the 4-3-3 formation . as i had said that chelsea wanted to play flowing football but here they are just sitting back and are playing on the counter . another factor that had been one of the reasons that they were successful last season had been pedro who didnt start this game . now i dont criticize coaches who want to sit deep and defend back with numbers because it is never bad to defensive because at times defense is the best offense . chelsea were sitting back and defending with numbers and then hitting roma on the counter attack . although chelsea were playing on the counter attack but they were one dimensional ( even though they scored two goals in the first half ) . the first trouble was that there were not enough players for moratta and hazard to pass since the fullbacks were tucked up alongside the centre backs to make it a back five . it is important to show quality when you have the ball instead chelsea were just one dimensional they were just taking the ball forward instead of keeping the ball and be patient at times .
as i had said that players shouldnt mind criticsm . they criticized him for covering enough ground . now his game is not about moving instead he is more of a power forward around whom the offense revolves and he is there to be at the end of crosses and if he comes deep then players get beyond him ( footballers will understand ) . roma were playing 4-3-3 with manolans in front of the back four and naingolan and strootman either side of him . now for the first 40 min even though roma had the majority of the possession they were just not threatning . first off roma coach had correctly noted that there would no space in the middle of the park .roma wanted to stretch chelsea to create space so they moved the from wing to wing to stretch them but chelsea had numbers behind the ball .
as i had said that dzeko wanted to prove a point to his doubters that he does moves so he wanted to be invoved in the build up and he was coming i deep to help move the ball . but when your forward is coming is deep inside you want your wingers or the midfielders to run beyond him and exploit that space .instead gerson and pelotti stayed wide and strootman and naingonal didnt tried to bomb forward . roma kept the ball moving but they didnt had anybody in the box ( except for once ) . chelsea were happy to let the ball  roma move the ball because there was no threat . for me roma needs to work out there offense around the box as to what are they going to do when the ball comes around the box . they need to work on their final third tactis which are very important because team bring the ball upfield but after that they just seem to have lack of plan . 
in this match all the goals were scored because of the defensive  or individual mistakes . first two chelsea goals were conceded because roma lost the ball in their own half and on the first goal jesus tried to too cool rather than just punt the ball upfield . kolarov scored first goal for roma and here christensen made the mistake of not switching up when azpilicueta moved close to zapacosta to help him deal with kolarov and close the space . kolarov just exploited the space between azipilicueata and christensen and scored . i think at times defenders are just getting presumptious about players certain players cannot score with headers and they made a mistake with hazard and paid the price .
chelsea will work to do and i think conte needs to get the team playing because his teams performance in the ucl is not encouraging because under conte juventus won the league but never a european giant which they are under allegri .