Saturday, 30 December 2017


 i was ill that is why i was not able to post and do this game early which i wanted to do so badly . on satuday real madrid played barcelona . for the last 4 or 5 days i had been reading the news, opinions and analysis of many a pundits . first and foremost many a pointed this defeat towards zidane and he is responsible for it . well a coach is defenitely responsible for the result of his team but on the other had let me ask as to which coach will tell his players to play badly or mess up in the game . there are situations where on the decisions making goes wrong and the team pays the price . i dont think that zidane would ever do that . when would a coaches CV or his status gets raised when he does something against great opponents and what better opponents than barcelona to do better .
the most important thing had been which had been missed in this game is that everybody and anybody is criticizing zidane but what about valverde and barcelona . i am want to first one who will criticize his or say question his . if the match had been the mirror image of first half then everybody had been questioning valverde and his tactics . barcelona is said to play the best football in europe and they had been the flag bearers of football tactics for all the teams . under gaurdiola it was intense pressing then came enrique era of quick counter attack and the question mark remains of what of valverde tactics . had the game gone the other way then he would had been questioned and he would had been on the knife's edge .
barcelona started the game with 4-4-2 formation but pauliniho was playing more as a forward rather than a wide man and messi playing as a number 10 . pauliniho started the game because he has the knack of making runs into the box and taking great positions where on his team mates can find him and that helps in offense because it helps to move the ball and helps the team very nicely . real started the game with 4-4-2 formation with ronaldo playing as the wide forward while benzema through the middle . real started to have 4 midfielders in the middle of the park the stratergy being to congest that space and deny barcelona any space in the middle of park . for the first half barcelona were trying to find their identity . what were barcelona trying to achieve was very clear but madrid were prepared for that . first off messi was coming deep and luis suarez was going wide just to create that space between centre backs so that if messi beats his marker he will can either pass that ball to suarez or use that space which suarez created . 
real madrid were prepared for all what barcelona were going to throw at them . first off they didnt gave messi time and space on the ball and this might the first classico when messi had lost possession most amount of time in a half . either kovacic or casmeiro were with him . while barcelona were trying to play a little bit of a dutch game trying to be patient and find the opening in the madrid defense . madrid had their own offense . they had crowded the middle of the park but they had sent their fullbacks high up the pitch and they too wanted to stretch the barca defense . the offense had the correct intent because real had benzema and ronaldo in the middle but at times i think that real crossed the ball with letting ronaldo having the time to come into the box . the other thing was that real could had just tried to have deeper penetration in the box and once they succeded and created the best chance of the game which ronaldo scuffed . now here is the difference between great player  ( bergkamp)and good player ( ronaldo) is that they have the awareness of who and what is around them and whether they can take a touch or take first time show . 
i dont know what happened but zidane tried to change thing in the second half . in the first half kovacic and casmeiro were in the middle of the park and were guarding that space very perfectly . in the second half zidane sent casmeiro against sergio busquetus . if there is a better ball passer in the barcelona team other than messi then its busquestus who is very under appreciated . the second mistake was to play sloppy passes i mean real are trying to play out from the back and if you loose the ball in the middle of the park and too to barcelona then you are inviting trouble . in the analytical pieces being done by various writers they had pointed about the counter counter attack but they failed to point as to why casmeiro ,modric and kross were caught on the wrong side of the ball . kovacic was given the duty to guard messi and he was doing it perfectly . when rakitic intercepted the pass and ran onto the real defense . kovacic was is in two minds as to whether he goes to go against rakitic or keeping on guarding messi and in that they kept on dropping back and they conceded the goal . another such goal with the same mistake with a red card and it ended the game for me .
first off the only thing zidane did wrong was that in the second half he changed the system and instead of trying to improvise what was done in the first half he tried to do different which opened the game for barcelona and real suffered the defeat . i think zidane will learn from that but the question still lingers for me about valverde and if barcelona gets upset in the coming months especially in ucl then i think he is in danger .