Wednesday, 27 June 2018


aregentina started the game with 4-3-3 formation while it was shown as 4-4-2 for me it was 4-3-3 because perez was shown on the right side but di maria was as high as messi . while nigeria started the game with 3-5-2 formation . nigeria just needed a point while argentina needed the win to progress so i think nigeria went with a defensive mindset of trying to stop messi and company . in the last game messi didnt saw lot of the ball and sampoli was criticized for that . another thing was that messi was far  away from goal and that stalled argentina's offensive somewhat . so sampoli made the necessary change he switched messi to all winning barcelona position on the right from where he can cut inside . another change that sampoli that was equally important for me is that he bought banega in the side . the little man is very good on the ball and his long balls created the win for argentina .
the game started with nigeria sitting back and hitting on the counter . now the nigerian coach must had thought his tactics right . he wanted to play 5 at the back but at the same time play a little bit of a high line because he knew that if they played deeper just around the edge of the box and if messi can find a space there then he knew of the quality that messi possess . so nigeria played a little bit of high line . argentina had different tactics than previous game here they were leaving messi and and di maria high of the pitch but wide to stretch the defense . higuain was coming inside to disturb the back line organisation and that when he comes inside the space he leaves behind will be exploited by messi and di maria . . now even though the nigeria thought of tactics right the execution for it was the bane for nigerians because who was going to pick di maria and messi when they were going to come inside was the real trouble . time and again argentinian players were finding space between the lines and most of it there was no cohesion on defense between the playters as to who is going to pick who and that confusion let to the first goal . the lines were flat and the coach failed to clear the confusion for the whole game . the game burst into life with banega finding messi behind the back three and messi scoring the goal it is because of that again in the first half banega could release di maria behind the back three . even though argetina scored the first goal  for me the offense for them was not working because first off banega was main progenitor . he was the one who pulling the strings . he was a little bit deep when he was trying the final ball and second was that messi was on the right but argentina dont of the quality they can successfully bring argentina inside and make messi pontent that he really is for that they lacked the left sided player that barcelona had in form of  neymar who could exploit the space that messi created by attracting the defense on right side . di maria was absolutely hopeless for me . 
i  had talked about the point of attack and that was the main problem for nigeria as well . first off nigeria only had two upfront they had three in the middle and they were pretty close in the middle the reason may be fear of messi . in the first half nigeria had to go musa and Iheanacho very quickly because argentinian players were pressing the nigerian midfield . mikel was the main man for nigeria . he was player who was  pulling the strings and he tried to play musa who has that tendency to drop on the left and then cut inside . musa was lively but the trouble was that he didnt had the proper support of other players because they were deep in their half and by the time they arrived argentina would had player behind the ball and were able to press musa .
distance between argentinian and nigerian midfield and frontline .
in football the distance between the line matters and particlular on offense . you need to take into account the time the ball gets to the player as well as his distance from the goal because if there is too much distance between players then the inter play between gets affected because the opposition can intercept the play and the offense falls apart . the distance between midfield and the front line matter because again as i had said that the interplay gets affected and if you want to have crisp interplay in your team then you need to have the lines very close . there was too much of distance between nigerian's midfield and front two . even in the first half the distance between argentian front three and the middle two was a bit too much and it was affecting their offense and because of that they had to go wide and then they were not able to bring that ball inside .
last but not the least untill now the officiating had been very good in this tournament and i just hope that the turkish official doesnt gets to officiate the game again because his stupid