Tuesday, 28 June 2016


yesterday two matches were played and both had very surprising result while italy result was a mix of hard work and very spot on  tactics . england's defeat was a result of the over rated players and hopeless players being put on the pitch and the manager being clueless as to what he needs to do and change things .
first off italy vs spain . after the spain game i read the headlines that the golden generation is officially dead . now i dont think so . first off saying such things means you are not giving enough credit to the italian teams hard work and the organisation that they showed during the game . conte should be given the credit for getting the tactics correct and spot on and working with players he has got on hand . he has got those players in the team whom other players would not even had in the team and things work . these are the playes that had  made the difference and are currently responsible for italy's success.
now why has spain been defeated . the reason being that spain had too many no. 10's in the their team . these are all good players but the trouble is that these players are not very good on defense or say that these players are not ready to do the dirty work . these players are not that hard working on defense and this allows the opposition to move the ball . in the earlier euro or the earlier spanish team . the majority of them were barcelona based and they played a high line congested the oppositon worked hard to close opposition down and most importantly at that time the world was new to these tactics . the thing is that the spanish teams have too many no.10's and these players dont actually sprint back to help their defense . players like silva and fabregas are not known to work hard . that is why italy could play out ball from the back and move it forward very easily without being close down . the most important factor had been the work rate of porolo and Giaccherini. these two guys are the two unsung hero of the italian football team . these two guys are responsible so that defending for the back three or back five doesnt gets too much difficult . they had been working very hard closing down opposition when the opportunity arises while keeping the shape when they dont have the ball and keeping it very narrow . they are the ones who start the pressing and do it very successfully . they are just not important on defense but are the major unsung hero on offense . they are the ones who provide that all important support to eder and pelle on offense . main thing is their role is so unpredictable that the opposition never knows as to whether they will stay in whether they will go out wide and continue that path . they help to overload a zone and are major headaches to the opposition .
 conte had studied spain but i dont so that del bosque ever tried to study or watch italy's tapes instead relying on his game plan rather than changing it and giving new headache to italy . i had already written about pelle and eder partnership when i wrote about the game between belgium vs italy . now the trouble with spain was that the first mistake they did was that they allowed the space for pelle and he was at times had time  and space on the ball and was able to choose the pass he wants . spains formation meant that both fabregas and iniesta went high up the pitch on offense and on the counter only busquestus was the gus who was supposed to guard two guys both eder and pelle . spain had started to play too much deep than the previous times .the trouble is busquestus was called to defend both pelle and eder and wasnt getting any help from the back four .  many a times nor ramos nor piques came out of the defense to close down pelle and that proved a big headache for spain because he was releasing eder behind the back with a very good pass . pelle is not given credit which he is due . i had said that he is one of the best assist players in the league and players around him do benefit by his abilities .
the most important fact had been the ease with which italy could move the ball up the pitch from the back without too much pressure . this is the testament that the spain side do need a big change in terms of personal and they cannot just sit back and live on the praise of the past teams . all and all a vey good win for italy and a wake up call for spain to change the players they have at disposal .
what can you said about england . there had been enough criticism but the one that said the best was the one that england were clueless from start to finish . they didnt had a game plan and just didnt know as to what they were to do . here is raheem sterling a 50m player who cannot beat player in one on one situation . the players just dont work for each other . to be honest the most hopeless player had to be rooney who led by example . england players cannot play with middle of the foot which the whole european play that . england against slovakia were better till rooney came on . why did he sent vardy just because the fans wanted it . i mean completely clueless about england's substitution . why take so much time to send rashford when you can see that rooney was hopeless . why didnt hodgson showed the balls to withdraw rooney earlier and make the necessary changes. to be honest he was a hopeless coach and the blame should fall flatly on his superiors who went for such hopeless manager .