Friday, 22 July 2016


sam allardyce was appointed the england football team manager and there were news about it before him becoming and after becoming it . there was a news which read that sam had to reinvent himself in form of gaurdiola to land the england job . now i wouldnt talk about man management because it is upto the coach and how he gets the best out of a player . big sam had been accused of playing long ball tactics all his life and i dont see any bad about it . now would any grandmaster change his opening for the sake that it is not pretty . i am sorry i dont agree .
now lets talk about the tactics . big sam is accused of playing long ball tactics . now what is wrong about that . first off he is getting the forward more into play and getting the offense to play around him . now if you had seen england in the euro's then you would had seen that england struggled to bring kane into the game . they had not been able to play around him . another thing is that when a long ball is played you stretch the play then spaces are created and then you can move the ball around and then sam has to show his coaching ability as to what they would do when they have the ball . i wouldnt mind the ball diretly played to kane but the trouble is that over the years the english forwards had been dab and didnt had good ball playing ability . instead when the ball is played to them they would keep the ball and pass the ball to the midfielder and slow down the game . i had never seen anybody who would take on the centre back or even a good passer who could pick up somebody who would make the run beyond him . wouldnt rashford or kane if teamed up together or given the chance to run on the centre back would absolutely love it . the thing is that untill now england never ever had the forwards who were good ball players .
if you look at the best teams then you too would see that they too use the long ball tactics often but they play more on the floor rather than in the air but then they too try to get the ball upfield as soon as possible .the trouble had been as i had pointed out is that these teams then try to play beyond the forward instead of bringing the ball back and trying to take it forward . everybody like to play gaurdiola esque football but to be honest you have to balance when to go for a press and when to sit back and hold your positions and maintain your shape and discipline . teams had adapted to playing high pressing and can now play around and get past that press easily . other than few good teams others will sit back and will ask england to open them up and that will be the big test for sam as to when they have the ball and have built up the offense and open teams up .
now the other thing is the players i was reading the guardian post about big sam and it said that he is good man manager but also can be ruthless to throw out the weed that is affecting the dressing room . i think with england he will have to be a bit more subtle but then can he really show the balls to drop big names and also get the team playing . in england the media gives too much importance to some players even they are techinically inept and can big sam show the balls to drop them .
 in all his coaching carrier big sam had coached teams who play counter attacking football and coaching an english team wouldnt be much more difficult since most of them are accustomed to play counter attacking football .
last but not the least but since he is the english coach he knows the quality of coaching and the way players are coached so he can asks the fa to change the style of coaching to the kids which would be beneficial to the future players . in  england players are coached a certain way and importance is given the physical side of the player than the technical side of the game . big sam must be aware of that and the fa should take inputs from him to change the coaching system as germany did and are benefitting from it .