Saturday, 2 July 2016


yesterday wales played belgium . it was like david played against goliath with belgium having better players all over the pitch compared to wales but the one thing that wales had and belgium didnt was a good coach and that was the main difference . the game really showed as to how a good coach makes a difference to all the things that happen on the pitch . the coach gives an ordinary players the confidence the belief the understanding and the most importantly the game plan which is the most important part of the game . the makes them understand the game and the things they need to do when they are on the pitch . their positional understanding and their on the ball and off the ball movement are all the decisions made by the coach . he is the one who has to make crucial decisions regarding changing the game and its style or formation . most importantly a good coach always stays in the game he keep a bird eye view of the game and has to continously improvise the game and try to outwit the opponent with the resources on hand . what belgium didnt had was what wales had and that is the a good coach . he didnt let his team heads get down when they went behind and went for a hara kiri mode . instead they went to play a good passing game and went to dominate the game and win it . i think this win goes to chris coleman more than anything . the confidence that he has shown in his players and the belief that he had shown and the hard work  that he had taken on them . their ability can be seen not only in passing but when keeping the ball in one on one conditions when pressed and working hard for each other . i think he has improved the team very good and deserves the plaudits that come his way .
belgium started the game with 4-4-1-1 formation . while walses started with 3-5-2 formation .belgium started the game very strongly and it looked like as if that they would wash away wales with the speed of their counter attack . it was looking as if wales were playing into belgium hands and what happened with hungary was going to happen with wales . the reason why belgium dominated was because wales had sent both their fullbacks high up the pitch . secondly beligum were allowed to counter and most importantly they were able to play through lukaku was able to release hazard,de bruyne and carrasco behind the back three which were getting stretched because of lukaku's movement . that is why wales had all their centre backs carded inside 15 min and belgium were enjoying a very good healthy counter attacking session with lukaku  in the main role . belgium went ahead through a naingollan shot . i think the change in the game came when wales had their first shot on goal and courtious saved and that gave the belief to wales that they are in the game . then they started to move ball around and started to use the width of the pitch and it was made easy because atleast on the right side of wales because hazard doesnt like to come deep and do his duties on defending and that meant that witsel had to come  on the flank and help his fullback. that meant that wales had numbers in the middle of the park and they just had to choose a zone which they wanted to open or work .
there were two or three factors that led to wales dominating the game . first off their ability to play out from the back . not many give importance to this but if your centre back can play out good balls from the back to the players on the front then the offense becomes that much quicker and  the midfield can move the ball better and get more time on the ball . secondly belgium may have good players but the midfield and the back two are not that mobile . naingolan is decent player but he is the one who can control  tempo of the game nor is he that mobile . he is more or less like english midfielder but with better technical ability  . the same can be said about witsel . compared to belgium midfielders  the welsh midfielders are quite mobile . they pass and move and that makes it more difficult to close them down . third and the most important factor was that after 20 min belgium were not able to bring into the game and their direction got lost and wilmots wasnt able to guide as to what they need to do . the reason wales won because they were to dominate the midfield and congest it . bale would drop into the midfield and help both on defense and moving the ball . this is the main reason as to why wales dominated the possession and the game .
in the second half belgium tried to change the game by bringing fellaini in place of carrasco and getting de bruyne wide while naingolan was sent forward in the no.10 role . but the game continued with same script of wales dominating and taking lead through robson- kanu who fooled the centre back with his movement . the centre back denayer became presumptious with kanu's movement and prayed the price for it . belgium were never in the game and the game went towards conclusion they becaume that much more impatient . i think the win goes to show the work rate of welsh players like allen ,ledley and ramsey who kept their team ticking and are the clear heroes of the game .