Sunday, 28 August 2016


yesterday spurs played liverpool at their home . spurs started the game with 4-2-3-1 formation while liverpool started the game with 4-3-3 formation . the interesting thing was that Wijnaldum was shifted in the middle three along side henderson . while spurs had wanayama and dier in the middle in front of the back four . to be honest i had never seen spurs side being so poor and pochettino being so tactically naive .
the game started with a very good pace with both team trying to close down each other whenever the ball was high up the pitch . compared to liverpool spurs were playing a bit high off the pitch . now the advantage was with liverpool in this lineup first off they had three in the middle compared to two in the middle for spurs . secondly the middle three of liverpool are pretty mobile  and are more comfortable on the ball than spurs middle two . also the front three of the liverpool are more mobile . the first mistake that spurs were making is that they were wasting time on the ball and i would say particularly with vertroghen who was doing it . now the commentators were praising him but let me tell you the more you spent time on the ball the more time you allow the opposition to climb off the pitch and close you down. liverpool were just doing that . they were just a bit patient in closing but vertroghen's time wasting on the ball meant that they could organise themselves properly to close down spurs . this closing resulted in the first chance for liverpool . the second thing about spurs was that the middle two are not that comfortable on the ball . wanyama is good midfielder but he is not the kind of player who can control the tempo of the game or is that extremly mobile . instead he likes to have players come on him or read the game properly and then intercept at the proper moment but the fiery pace of the game meant that it just flew past him . for me dier just didnt know as to what his role was in the middle because his role is taken by wanyama and now he just doent know as to what he needs to do . both of the spurs midfielders are not mobile nor are great ball players let alone control the tempo of the game. the real problem for spurs was that they were not moving the ball faster . the four players up the pitch were waiting for the balls to be passed to them but liverpool just cut off their supply . i think spurs missed dembele and his ability on the very much in this match . had it not for vorm i think spurs would had a spanking yesterday .
in the game spurs were on the offense trying to compose a move while liverpool were on the counter . spurs game plan is to play through kane and then use the three players behind him to bomb forward beyond him . the other thing that spurs were doing was that they were trying to send rose up the pitch in trying to push mane back  . they knew that he would have the space because eriksen was moving inside seconldy mane at times can be lazy but this move can fire back . i explained that in the diagram because this leaves mane quite a space to explore and most importantly spurs midfielders not that mobile compounded that .  liverpool were quite prepared and ready for spurs . first off they kept a very tight mark on kane . both matip and lovren were tightly marking kane and were making it impossible for spurs to play through him . secondly all the middle three were very well placed in front of the back four and there was little space between the lines for spurs to exploit plus the liverpool players are quite mobile and energetic compared to spurs compounded with the lack of pace in the spurs middle two meant that liverpool just dominated the first half and should had closed the game in the first half itself . the other thing is that on the counter while liverpool centre backs were ready to following kane ,spurs centrebacks were not that keen to do that . they were holding there position and letting firminiho time and space on the ball which allowed him to choose the pass and combine with the other two and they were causing all sort of problems for spurs . 
spurs started to get better in the second half and i would credit that to delle alli because even though he is a bit rash he can pass the ball he is mobile that means that spurs could move the ball better and most importantly coutiniho had started to getting tired and was not tracking dier that actively . which resulted in the equalizer . in the game rose was getting quite a bit of space to move upfield but i am not satisfied by his performance . firstly i thought he was a bit impatient in crossing the ball . secondly the crossing was poor and it was just crossing in the box without any proper target . thirdly i think he lacked a bit of discipline when he could see that his opposite number was striding towards the goal then he should come rushing down to help his defenders instead jogging back .  second one was wanyama who needs to get with grips of the game . the only player that looked positive for the spurs was lamela who looked comfortable on the ball and looked the one who would cause opposition the problem when he had the ball .
henderson has been starting the game ahead of can for the last three matched and but he still lacks that technical ability and he missed some genuine chances when he could some real quality passess . i think kloop is quite right about dropping struddige because klopp wants the strikers to work had and start the first press and struddige never works hard .