Thursday, 29 September 2016


now one thing that i was very intrigued with and always gets intrigued whenever i watch the match is that certain coaches does tend to stand on the touchlines and do nothing when there is need to be done . just like the players playing inside the pitch the coaches too play the game inside the head and they try to compute as to what can be done on both the ends and always try to improvise always trying to do better because there is always room for improvisation . the coach needs to provide input as to what the players are missing . i was not pleased with ancelotti  . when the coach is talking that keeps the players on their toes and their concentration and performance doesnt drop while if he sits up then it can . 
yesteday ath mad played bayern munich and lost and why shouldnt we be surprised by it . ancelotti's team's start very but they start getting stuck and in the end he doesnt knows as to what he needs to do . last night was no different bayern's attack was monotonous ,one dimensional and the opposition could just read it and stop them into the tracks . i was surprised at the way that ancelotti didnt change things or change the approach or even try something new ( i will point the shortcomings ) . when we are talking about bayern then the comparison between ancelotti's bayern and gaurdiola's bayern will be there . this bayern team was slow and here it is dependent on players abilities rather than coach's designed offense to open up opposition defense . the tempo to the game from bayern side was slow . the players were unsure of the next move as to what they need to do next they couldnt crisply pass the ball between themselves .
bayern started the game with a 4-3-3 formation while ath. mad started with their 4-4-2 or 4-6-0 formation because all the 10 players try to get behind the ball . now ancelotti system is different . the way he coaches or like to line up his team is different . he likes his fullbacks high up the pitch who would stretch the play from him and push the opposition wingers back to defend their opposite numbers . while the middle three are suppose to defend the space left by the fullbacks as well as supporting the front line . they try to work the traingle on either flanks and but there were shortcoming in that attack . first off there were too many touches and the attack was slow a facet which allows the oppostion to organise and close you down and does create problems for you .
first off ath mad . they play a very simple game . play on the counter . get players behind the ball when the ball comes in their half . defend deep and narrow and dont give too much space between the line . when the ball is upfield try to press the opponent and if they can win the ball then try to launch counter from there and thats what they did bayern . but bayern did had a flaw in their formation . first there fullbacks were pushed high up the pitch and ancelotti wanted the opposition wingers to mark them but they were marked by opposition fullbacks and ath mad wingers dropped on the midfielders . the trouble was that the midfielders were also having quite a space between them so when somebody lost the ball then it opened a big space for the opposition .( will explain in figure). ancelotti tried to stretch the opposition but instead it backfired on him . 
bayern started with having ribery on the left while muller started out on the right . while muller kept on coming inside ribery stayed wide trying to stretch the play .vidal,alonso and thiago were in the middle supporting the front three . the majority of the bayern's offense was on the left side with ribery trying to dribble in and link up with lewandowski but first lewandowski was very well martialed by savic who was good . while ribery was also trying too much and it was one dimensional where on the line of attack was the same. on the right hand side muller was coming inside which was giving space for lahm to bomb forward but first thing is that athletico defend deep . bayern's slow offense meant that athletico were getting time to close down bayern and get players behind the ball .
now the mistakes in bayern's offense . first off from fullbacks now the fullbacks moved up to a certain position and crossed . they never ever tried to go beyond that like leichesteiner of juventus . the formation was set up that way that had bayern tried to play the fullbacks deep then they could have had a surprise for athletico and created new angle for offense . secondly lewandowski always stayed at the top and it was correct for a certain time but when things arent working then it would had been wise to make a move and take the centre back with yourself and then trying to utilize that . nor were there any midfielders who were trying to get beyond lewandowski . to be honest there was a lack of movement from lewandowski but what can he do when his manager would had asked him to hold that position . there was a lack of creativity in the attack and crispness which is needed to open up a defense like at mad. there was no no.10 but then there was no need in this formation if only they can work the triangle on either flanks and then try to spread it on either flank or somebody does something some very creative in that offense but then bayern lacked all that and pushing men upfield wasnt going to do all that .
in second half ancelotti pushed the players up and made some personal changes . some were forced and some were necessary but did it made any change in the way bayern moved the ball or they tried to change the way they moved the ball or the way they tried something new . no they were just flat that way and lost the game .