Friday, 29 September 2017


yesterday dortmund played real madrid at home . dortmund had pretty much flying high in the german league and this was the first test for peter bosz team . now coaches are influenced by the teams that they play in and the countries that these clubs are there . peter bosz has worked in holland so dutch influence on his style of game can be seen . even though bvb had been scoring but i wanst impressed by them . i will tell you about it and while i am doing this game i would taking into consideration  some bvb games that i had viewed in the past few weeks .
bvb started the game with their usual 4-3-3 formation . while madrid started the game with the same formation with ronaldo stating as the no.9 position ( the jersey no. he earlier had at madrid ) . madrid are basically a counter attacking team and they like to sit back and hit on the counter . peter bosz  had worked in  holland so dutch influence on the game can be seen on his game . he likes to pass the ball around like the way play in holland where on they wait patiently for the opposition to get out of position and that they can slip the ball who can make a perfect run. i think he obviously like to play the total football . while playing this there are obvious draw backs in his game . first off while the ball in bought in the final third they just didnt had the clue as to what they need to do in the final third . madrid were not pressuring them or pressing them . they were just sitting back waiting for bvb to come upfield and sit deep . most of the bvb attack were from the right but when the ball was passed to karmylenko he really didnt know as to what needs to be done . first off i think bosz hadnt worked out as to how they are going to open up the opposition offense . i had seen this pattern in all of the games that i had watched in which bvb played . there are obviously some shortcomings in bvb's offense and bosz's hadnt been able to eliminate that and untill now the two games where on he faced decent opposition he had come up short . the possession stat may show that bvb had a very decent game but it really matters is the numbers of chances that are created and the shots at goal ( you can be unlucky at times ) . bvb had come up short in the final third . the reason for that is that just like his predecessor he isnt bringing abumeyang into the game . in the final third the focus of the offense should shift towards the forward who is abumeyang and unfornuatley bosz hadnt been able to get that offense working and bringing abumeyang in the game . he just wants abumeyang in the centre to be at the end of things that his team create but then his other players are not able to work out the ball properly and are still not able to work that ball clearly to create space for themselves as well create chances for abumeyang . 
the second problem with bvb is that they are trying to play too much high line with sokratis and toprek at the back who both struggle at pace and they are giving too much space at the back for the opposition to work there . the most important fact if you are to play a high line is that you need to press and your players need to work very had and not give away the ball cheaply . thirdly you organisation has to very good and players need to know their roles as well as the man marking needs to very good . bvb had none of that and with team boasting the likes of modric and kroos in the midfield they are trying to play a high line against the pace of ronaldo and bale . toprak and sokratis are supposed to be the organiser in the team and time and again they were failing in that ( i will explain that in the next para ).
the game started with madrid starting to sit back and hit back on the counter and i think zidane must had watched bvb and knew as to what he knew to do . coaches are know because they can organise a team and make it play with the available resources ( although they keep moaning all the time ) . toprak and sokaratis needs to organise thing because they are the last line of defense and both of them need to have the players around them to help them in their defensive duties . how many times did pisczek loose bale and most importantly who picking up carvajal . carvajal had free space to move up because his opposite number philip wasnt picking him and him and his fullback was having mix up with their defensive duties . defensively bvb were a mess and bosz needs to look at the way about the team they are playing it was same story against spurs and it was the same against madrid . bvb are conceding too much space for the opposition to work with . another thing is that on offense he needs to have both of his flanks active plus bring abumeyang in the game . at the same time i would say that i am bit disappointed with abumeyang because when you have the ball and you are in one on one position at that time you need to do better and sadly abumeyang did not . i dont know but sadly gotze had been offcolor from the time he had been back .
bvb needs to start working better on their offense . even though they had been scoring in the bundesliga but if you had seen the game then the teams that they are played against were just not good enough . most importantly i had to talk about munchen gladback . i had seen not team so much negative and playing so much of a negative football . obviously peter heiking like to play a certain ( 4-4-2 ) formation and like to have two banks of four and like to sit deep . i have  no trouble with that but its your ability when you have the ball and the second thing is how much negative you can be on defense where on you just stand up and let the opposition play around you . i think gladback needs to have some change either it be coach or the players or the mentality .