Wednesday, 12 October 2016


well after yesterday's match vs slovenia i am reading the comments made by england manager southgate and i am feeling amazed and i fell certain that this man is certainly not fit to be a manager . southgate had commented that he has taken over a mess i mean what mess .you have players you prepare them for the game . first off you try to have a plan and then you try to improvise it . after that i read reports that southgate had won over the fans by making such comments i mean arent these comments foolish . why are you a managerto sort that mess out to get the best out of the players and give that team a direction which is lacking and that is what is expected out of you . if you are not upto a job then atleast you should not be talking and making stupid comments which will harm ur furture prospects . secondly did we ever see a top manager sitting idly in his seat and not watching the game intently ( van gal was one who would sit but would take notes of that game of what the players had done wrong in every aspect and try to improvise it in the next game ) . i havent seen a top manager sitting ideally in his seat when the game is going on . he should always be trying to improvise and telling players at what they are doing wrong and what they are to do and improvise on plan . for entire game i watched southgate sitting on the bench . i am sorry but i dont find any sympathy for soothgate and i find him incompetent for the job as a football manager . then i read giggs comment that rooney is confused with his positioning. why is he confused he has played both postions before . he certainly got the briefing from his manager as to what he wants or what he needs to do on the pitch then why is he confused . thirdly rooney was hammered and several journalist noted that he wasnt missed and they celebrated on that then i want to ask if dropping rooney was celebrated then how many of those players do really warrant or deserve a place in the first 11 rather than the team itself . off the starting 11 i would only recomment two or three players who would be starting if england are really serious about chopping players on their performances . for me delle alli,joe hart and stones would only make the 11 who would retain their places and others shown the door .
to be honest if we look at the game then i fail to find a game plan with england . compared to england slovenian players were better on the ball and there organisation was way better than england . the eastern european teams are known for their pacy counter attacking football ( the czecks ,yugoslav's ) . the slovenians were no different and they would be cursing themselves for drawing . the trouble was with england what was their game plan ( dont know) what were they trying to do ( dont know ) . first off in modern football you dont spend too much time on the ball because it slows down the game and allows the opposition to regroup and defend better . the reason why england players were spending time on the ball because they dont have the positoning sense which needs to be there when you need to move the ball upfield . the organisation needed and the roles that are to be played in that move is certainly not known to these players .
struddinge was playing as the no.9 and he was criticized by the former players for coming deep and leaving his position . first off struddige wasnt going to beat the slovenian centre backs in the air and so any way that england were going to muster any threat to slovenian goal then it was going to be on the floor . to be honest england dont have any flair players in the side who could open opposition on his own ( the one that they have was bought on after 80 min ) . if you are not having any flair players then  the team combination and crisp passing is very important . to be honest england players arent that good technically . delle alli is good but still lacks that killer first touch . lets start from the back . why do you let cahill pass the ball from the back . how many times did he gave away the ball by picking the wrong player to pass . all through the team didnt had any cohesion . the back four ,the midfield and front players didnT  that had any understanding between them . why were lindgaard and walcoot hell bent on dribbling the ball . secondly the midfield were not able to support there winger's and the forward . they were not able to control the game and their lack of movement and understanding of the game meant that england just couldnt stamp their authority on the game . why did southgate took this much time to bring rashford and what deserved lindgaard a full 90 min. there are many a question but one simple answer that they need a good coach and that cant be mancini or it will be another stupid decision by the FA .