Saturday, 15 October 2016


now yesterday dortmund played hertha berlin . about three weeks back touchel's stock were very high and his team was highflying and when they destroyed wolfsburg at that time everybody who had seen them thought that this team would definitely challenge bayern munich for the title and even can pip them . but come three weeks later everybody has started doubting touchel's tactical ability and his inability to correct at what is wrong or what is lacking in the team and what should be done . the first half especially highlighted his lack of tactical acumen and inability to change things when they were direly needed . his team was one dimensional in the first half and except for one or two moments when they troubled the opposition then there is something lacking in the game .
dortmund started the game with 3-4-1-2 formation . pulisic and Schmelzer were the two wingbacks with weigl and rode sitting in front of the back three while gotze was playing the no.10 while mor was abumeyang upfront but mor was on the left . hertha berling started the game with 4-1-4-1 formation with stark in front of the back four .
the game started with hertha berling sitting back and playing on the counter and inviting dortmund to open them up . dortmund start the game very fast they try to close down very fast and they try to play abumeyang behind the back four . hertha berlin were disciplined from the very start . they were sitting back and pressing only when the ball was getting into the midfield or up . they played narrow since they knew about the pace that certain dortmund player's possessed and their ability to run with the ball . they didnt went for overpressing trying to expose themselves with spaces everywhere to be exploited . dortmund's offense depends on players running behind the ball or abumeyang getting released behind the back four . the trouble with dortmund was that hertha were prepared for that . hertha's back four kept abumeyang in front of them and starting 2 or 3 yards behind him . secondly when they pressed they pressed with intent and made sure that they get the ball or foul the player to stop the play .
the trouble with dortmund was that they just couldnt bring ball upfield in the first half and the player responsible who charged with the responsibility to play in the hole and dictate the offense and around whose whole offense was revolving was kept very quite by hertha berlin and stark man marking gotze out of the game . now there are some facets of the game that are very interesting and this is where i find that touchel lacked improvisation and should had needed to change things . first mor was dropping on the left side where there was Schmelzer already so virtually they could work the zone better and at times you could see that Schmelzer was getting quite lot of space to run in the hertha's half . while it was it was opposite on the right flank it was left for pulisic to explore and there was no support from him on that flank and he himself had to carve out chances with his great running with the ball . the trouble with dortmund was that in the first half that they were not able to bring abumeyang in the game . it was touchel's incopetence that he couldnt work out as what needs to be done . if gotze wasnt getting time on the ball then he could have asked his players to surround gotze and get the ball from him on the first touch and play around him . secondly he needed to do more to bring abumeyang in the game . touchel just failed to do that . whenever rode or speigel moved upfield they were getting space and time on the ball but they were hurrying too much with the offense . instead they should learn from germany's coach joachim low who's team never hurries and plays very good football . dortmund were below par in the first half . if abumeyang wants to be a top striker then he needs to learn to combine with the team and have an all round game . he is not that good in the air . secondly he should hold the ball more and release playes beyond him but then touchel needs to ask him to do that . he was just hanging there upfield in the first half without any service . the trouble with dortmund is that there is too much of individual running by the players instead of team play and it from way to far deep that is why leverkusen were able to stop them in the tracks . both speigel and rode are good player and can control the game if only touchel can devise a proper offense .
hertha had a very good offense . Ibisevic was playing upfront but had Haraguchi,stocker and Esswein to run beyond him . i was impressed by haraguchi who created first two chances for hertha in the first half . his vision was very good his running with the ball also . i am glad for him . another player i was impressed was hertha's goal keeper jarstein who was very good and very comfortable on the ball and what he was doing .
i feel asleep when rode was replaced by kagawa on the 60 min but for the first 60 min i wasnt impressed with touchel and with such a fine squad i think he needs to do more . his tactical incompetence is holding the team back . secondly gotze needs to introspect his game . he was totally hopeless in the game and a player should realize when he needs to change the game and when he should spend time on the ball and when he should play one touch game . hope dortmund improve .