Saturday, 8 October 2016


spain played italy in the world cup qualifier in italy . there were number of changes for both the teams but most noticaly for italy had been giacherenni being dropped while for spain koke started the game . this was the classic example of how dropping one guy or one jig saw marble builds the whole team and how it crumbles it . montolivo started in place of giacherreni but both are different kinds of player . montolivo is not that mobile player and his asset is passing the ball long rather than his athletic ability while giacherreni had been know all about his hard work and running . his whole hard work and running was missed by italy in the first half and he was the main difference in  italy's win over  spain at the euros .
now spain are under new steward ship of Julen Lopetegui . his team started the game with their usual 4-3-3 formation while italy are too under new coach ventura and he went with the same 3-5-2 formation that is very well known to the team . he went with the obvious because the italian players are very well versed in this formation and do know there roles . the only problem was chilleni was not there and romanigoli started in his place . the game started with italy sitting back and spain enjoying all the possession in the world for the first 20 min and spain had some very good chances in the first 20 min .
even though italy were playing the same formation the way they were lining up and executing it was very different compared to what they did it in europe . in this match the italians were playing flat 5-3-2 formation . both the fullbacks were getting tucked in along side the back three and making it a back 5 while middle three were beyond them . when spain had the ball they would just get in their half lineup like that and there was no pressing which was there in the euro's . the first difference was that the fullbacks alongside the back three here while in the conte's team they would high up the pitch whichever flank had the ball trying to congest the space and the other flank fullback will be tucked along side the back three making it a back four . the difference was that the fullbacks were active in that formation not over here . secondly italy played very placid with no pressing on the ball atleast in their own half which was not the case in conte's team . this inaction by the italians helped the spaniards to move the ball  . they are masters to move the ball . they tried to stretch the italians by moving the ball from flank to flank . the fullbaks were getting the spaces because the italians fullbacks who were guarding them were tucked alongside their centre backs . iniesta ran the show for first 20 min . he dribbled the ball. played one two with costa and silva and spain had the ball in italy's half . but after first 20 min spain started to loose the grip on the game and the italians were able to make comeback  into the game .
italians tried to play out from the back and in the previous fixture they were successful because spain's pressing wasnt that good . they didnt had the most energetic players in the team which are now replaced by energetic ones . the other factor that helped the italians was the partnership of pelle and eder which was taken due notice by the spaniards and it was taken care that they dont have time on the ball . the other thing was that italians were trying to play out from way too deep and that gave the spaniards plenty of time to close down the italians and stop them in the tracks .
in the second half the italians tried to come up the pitch . they were playing far too deep in the first half and late in the first half they started to play up the pitch and the spaniards started to take advantage of that . costa started coming deep and vitolo  started to the get beyond costa . the trouble with italy was that there defense was static and the back three lacked communication and most importantly romaniogli lacked anticipation and the play reading that is needed when you play at the back . the first goal was a result of that . the game changed after that because spain were getting comfortable and italy had to find answers and goal down and that too away meant that the group was handed over to spain .
now the trouble with spain is that and the so called big star name players in the spanish players in the spain squad is that they went into hiding as soon as italy started coming up the pitch to close them down and asking them questions . just like in the latter part of the first half iniesta and silva went into hiding . if you had seen man city vs spurs match then even in that silva went into hiding in that match . spain wanted to protect the lead and try to hit italy on the counter attack . the trouble with spain is that part of the spain squad just dont know on how to maintain discipline on defense . you could see the amount of space between lines in the spanish team . the spanish coach wanted to play deep and soak up the italy pressure . i think the spanish coach would had been better if he had taken off these two and replace them with defensive players .
i really did not understand pelle's substitution with immobile . with goal in the bag spain were going play deep so they needed somebody to have a target man in  the box which was pelle . immobile is similar to eder so removing pelle made no sense to me . but i dont understand pelle's action . i think they should make an example out of him for misbehaving with the coach .
the other trouble with spanish team had been lack of discipline . ramos and pique are good centre backs but are prone to mistake and most importantly they dont understand the situation . a defender doesnt needs to always win the first challenge but he needs to be very patient and ramos especially lacks that . his lack of situation reading would cost big to spain and same can be said about costa .