Thursday, 27 October 2016


 yesterday man utd played man city in the efl cup . utd played a 4-2-3-1 formation . utd had been one dimensional in the past games . the utd opposition could read their play and could prepare themselves for that .  if yesterday's utd's performance is anthing to go by then i would say that jose could play this team with some different players and with some tweaks that i think would make utd much more threatning and more incisive and would utd's opponent on the back would and create space for them to play . in the past games utd had been playing through ibramovic and most importantly what had happened that when he is stopped utd's offense was stalling . yesterday he was coming deep turning and playing passess to on rushing rashford who was playing wide . i think there is a catch here and i think if jose could just rashford inside and make his starting postion just beside ibramovic then i think he will be more threatning . ibra has pogba for company but the trouble is that those two are just not clicking and i think that adding rashford to the mix will create space for them . if rashford could have his starting postion just between right back and the centre back . what this will mean that if the centre back comes out to deal with ibra then just as he turned on kompany yesterday ( ibra has the quality to do that the same way ) he could release rashford behind these back four and i think this threat will create space for utd and they could keep the ball better and if they can get the ball near the box then i think pogba are ibra are very good shot from distance and they could be a threat . what utd needs to do is that they need to keep the opposition guessing with their movement as to whether rashford is going to come inside or whether he is going to remain wide . rashford's starting postion would give him added threat and better use of his pace  . 
the other thing had been about juan mata and i think his movement has given utd a fresh impetus in offense but to be offense i think he makes too many touches to the ball and slows the game . if we can replace him with mikhitariyan or martial then i think the threat will be even more with their ability in one on one situations . the thing is that utd's wide players had been too orthodox in their approach and that had been the problem for utd . the other player that had been overlooked but can be useful for utd would be schneiderling . he has the same qualities as carrick and is a very good long ball passer and he could be the one who would partner herrera in the middle of the park and would give more impetus to utd's attack . if utd can play compact then the opposition will have to play compact and that will give utd chance to close them down and retain ball high up the pitch .